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The North Texas Music Company performs beautiful, live music on timeless classical instruments for weddings and events in DFW.
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Everyone deserves to enjoy peace of mind after booking reliable and professional North Texas musicians.
DeShane & Lauren
"Many of our guests were so impressed by the live music. It truly added so much to our ceremony, and made it feel intimate even with 250+ people there."
Drew & Ally
"Perhaps because my husband is a musician himself, the selections we made in regards to music were very thoughtful and intentional. All thanks to NTMC, we were fortunate to have an excellent cellist serenade our guests."
Jay & Shannon
"I reached out to NTMC for a reference to play the violin segment of a melody for the Bride's Processional. Not only was the owner helpful and dependable, the violinist did a phenomenal job."

The Contracting Difference

The North Texas Music Company is a musician contractor, hiring from a trusted network of top professional musicians in DFW. The players, who perform in local symphonies for a living, have known each other for years and have played at a combined thousands of weddings and events. Learn how a reliable network of musicians ensures availability, flexibility, and security for your event.

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String Duo of Violin and Cello

Hire a String Quartet

The North Texas Music company is proud to offer various string ensembles, with options for Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Guitar, Harp, and Piano. View our complete list of services and offerings.

String Trio Violins Wedding

Hear Us Play Your Songs

The North Texas Music company will honor virtually any song choice. With our extensive library of popular songs and our ability to arrange music of lesser-known works, you will not be limited by your song selection. View our gallery to hear us in action and see some repertoire.

String Duo Cello Violin Tucker Sowell Molly Hines Wedding Performance
Got Music?
Today is the day to hire professional musicians, so you can share live music with the world — and blow your guests away.