The North Texas Music Company was founded to give clients total peace of mind and security when booking professional musicians.

The Contracting Difference

The North Texas Music company was founded to eliminate the risk people face from hiring classical musicians.

Too often, unprofessional musicians cancel on clients because they fall ill or experience a life emergency. After all, what happens when the leader of a quartet gets sick? For even the most reliable of musicians, an emergency is bound to happen sooner or later.

This is why The North Texas Music Company hires from a trusted, talent-rich network of professional symphonic musicians. No matter what the future holds for an individual player, NTMC ensures that a backup is available so that an event never suffers a cancellation.

This business model is known as contracting, and offers more security for clients than if they choose a self-formed group of musicians.

Reach out today for a free quote and experience the peace of mind that comes with hiring professional musicians from a professional contractor like NTMC.

Tucker Sowell

tucker sowell headshot

Tucker Sowell is an 8th-generation Texan who is a cellist and musician contractor in the DFW Area. Tucker’s unique skillset as a classically-trained cellist and event-planner for Congresswoman Kay Granger led him to found The North Texas Music Company.

Tucker holds degrees in Cello Performance and Political Science from the University of North Texas. At UNT, he was a student of Nikola Nino Ružević and was the recipient of the UNT College of Music’s prestigious Excellence in Chamber Music award.

As a cellist, Tucker has performed with the East Texas Symphony, Monroe Symphony, and in numerous festivals and conventions in Texas and Europe, performing in over 500 weddings in the past few years.

Tucker’s regular work as a professional freelance musician has garnered him an extensive network of talented musicians, many of whom he hires to play for The North Texas Music company.

As a former Outreach Coordinator for Congresswoman Kay Granger, Tucker regularly facilitated the planning of luncheons, award ceremonies, and constituent events for Members of Congress, experience which taught him the organizational and communication skills necessary to ensure a stress-free and professional musical planning experience.

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